Culture & Youth

“Cultural Diversity” is one of the realities in our shrinking, globalized world. Even though humanity itself is manifestly diverse, the growing trend towards cultural diversification and globalization sometimes brings about a socio-political fight. Most times this is triggered by fear, xenophobia, racism, exclusion, radical reactions and segregation. This can lead to putting society’s peace and its natural structure in danger. These problems are not part of diversity’s nature, but stem from a certain group of people who uses the cultural diversity as a pretext.

ABC stands for cultural diversity, and considers it a benefit to our daily life. For the people who consider it a threat to society, ABC is in a dialogue effort to develop a “Co-existence Culture” process. By presenting social welfare projects, ABC is looking to provide a peaceful environment for the best interest of society. ABC has accepted a moral duty to demonstrate that people with different backgrounds can live in peace. Diversity is a basic and valuable foundation for a democratic life. The acceptance of moral values, the respect for holy symbols, and not agitating national jingoism are preconditions for intercultural relations.

If the national leaders are not in a decisive position to solve problems, then the youth have a part in solving the problems. If the youth is involved in the process of making decisions in issues they are interested in, it is well known that they will likely succeed. Not only do the youth bring energy and enthusiasm, but also their dreams, visions and success, are important parts to build the dynamism of life. Therefore, it is vital we look beyond focusing on short term economic concerns and instead invest in flourishing the power of our youth and expanding their horizons. This is the best investment for the future of the world’s nations. There is no doubt that the young population plays a very important role in keeping the economy alive and productive. If nations do not succeed in preparing the young generations for future challenges in the global market, or do not offer job opportunities, the youth will become a potential source of tension and discord instead of being the future of the country.

As there are some occasions of hardships for people in specific times, there are also occasions of difficulty for the nations too. It is mentioned that if a crisis occurs somewhere, it brings an opportunity with it, but if these opportunities are not recognized in a timely manner, they might vanish forever. Thus, considering the local and global crisis occurring recently, ABC is making an effort to utilize the opportunities for the people’s prosperity and happiness. If ABC achieves to universalize the values of mutual respect and diversity, then going forward it will be much easier to solve some of the present problems concerning the society.

To keep humankind away from the mounting chaos and to give the world a taste of peace & justice, ABC established the “Youth Platform.” We know that ABC Youth Volunteers organize youth and cultural events and come together with community leaders. The ABC Youth Platform and its volunteers will tap into the consciousness of their social responsibility and work in fields where social solidarity is needed.