Airport pickup

Airport pickup in destinations will be arranged only for the participants who arrive within the designated pickup dates in the program schedule. Group shuttle pickup dates and hours will be announced.

Sightseeing Tour/s

Sightseeing tours are offered for all Teach & Travel participants. They are not mandatory. They areNOT sponsored. This trip/s will include visits to historic sites, tourist attractions and civic institutions. The sightseeing tour/s destinations and itinerary will differ according to the teaching and internship locations of the participants.


Participants are required to purchase their own tickets. Transportation within the summer program is the sole responsibility of the participant. Some local hosting institutions may provide complimentary transportation service.


Accommodation will be provided by the institution.

  • Housing Facilities are not “co-ed”.
  • Alcohol and smoking are prohibited.
  • There is a strict “no guest” policy.
  • Facilities are either college dorms or student housing. In some exceptional cases, host families may offer accommodation.
  • Participants are responsible for upholding the existing rules of the housing facility, which may differ.
  • The institution is responsible to make sure the basic housing conditions promised by them are met in every location which doesn’t include:
    • internet availability
    • private room
    • free meal
      ** In some locations, participants may be offered these kinds of ‘extra’ services as a courtesy by their education institution.


Participants are responsible for their food costs.


All visa requirements are the sole responsibility of the applicant.


Participants are required to have traveler’s insurance. Our institution is not responsible for any kind of loss or medical expense of the participants.