Considering the realities of the world we are living in, it makes it crucial, especially for the regional community leaders, to come together to discuss and share their experiences about the problems concerning the region. For countries sharing the same region, they are more likely to share similar problems as well, thus the solution to these problems should be similar too.

We are living in a time when states’ borders are becoming more artificial; thus when a country has an internal affair, it is considered a concern for the whole region. Recently we have witnessed that when an economic or social crisis occurs somewhere, it affects not only that region but the whole world as well.

Therefore, for people working towards and influencing the future of countries and societies, it is vital to replace prejudices and antagonisms with a better understanding and knowledge of each other. In order to contribute to the prosperity of society, they have to put common ground and common interests first.

We should remind each other of regional wartime aggressions and atrocities that occurred in the past only to take necessary lessons from these events, and not to transform these traumas into motivating tools for revenge. We are not able to fix today the mistakes which happened in history. But together we can illuminate our future by avoiding those behaviours and ideas that would lead to the ruin of mutual relationships.

It is very important for state presidents and leaders in respective communities to plan the development of their region’s socio-economic situation, to take a stand against the racism, exclusion and terrorism which threaten the people’s security, to establish a peaceful and nourishing environment, and altogether to deliver peaceful messages for all communities.

Indeed, agreement and reconciliation are a matter of reason and logic, and they require a consultation between the parties involved.

There is no doubt that a single meeting or event will not be enough to bring about peace and prosperity. But those people who really appreciate peace and dialogue will make a huge contribution to the cultivation of a new generation who are familiar with tolerance and mutual understanding.

That is why ABC Outreach finds it very reasonable to bring together the leaders of the society and stand next to them. This is just a start, but the strong messages delivered by the leaders will convey reasonable ideas to the audience.

Instead of trying to convince every individual to believe in what we stand for, the crucial thing to focus on is the perseverance and determination to proceed on the roadmap towards the shared ideals of dialogue, peace and serenity in which we all sincerely believe.