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Road Map 2012

The Association of Balkan Canadians is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization founded by a group of Balkan Canadian individuals with the goal and mission to promote Balkan cultures, unity and economic and political cooperation. In...

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Contact Us

Mailing address: 282 Giddings Cres Milton, On, L9T7A9 Phone: 905-864-9343

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Holiday Getaway 2011 Toronto

       ABC prepares to close the books on what has undoubtedly been its most successful and productive year, we look back on the year’s crowning achievement, the 2011 Annual Holiday Getaway, held over December...


International Internship 2011

Aiming to build a network for young Balkan-Canadians, ABC launched an internship program, providing an excellent opportunity for the youth to gain professional experience in top level companies in the Balkans, Turkey and the...


Summer Camp 2011

The ABC Educational Department was able to successfully organize and complete its first “International Leadership Summer Camp.”  The aim of the three week long summer camp was to bring together international and Balkan Canadian students...


Internship Abroad 2013

The ABC Work Internship program is a full-time (30 hour) International Internship spanning a total of 20 days and offering participants the opportunity to receive practical work experience abroad. The work internship is offered...


Teach & Travel 2013

ABC’s Teach and Travel program offers volunteers the chance to gain International teaching experience by teaching ESL (English as a second language) to students in countries abroad. This year, ABC’s Teach and Travel program...