ABC held another successful event Holiday Getaway

February 1st- 3rd, members, staff, and applicants of the Teach & Travel program to Turkey, attended ABC’s annual Holiday Getaway at the Delta Hotel in Kitchener. Students from all over the eastern region of Canada flocked to Kitchener via Grey Hound, cars, school buses, and subway systems to be interviewed and to secure a position in our 2013 Teach & Travel program. Presentations were delivered to the applicants in a Ball Room about our three programs: Teach & Travel, Internship, and NGO. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the staff, the president and the sponsors of ABC in a professional environment—not to say that it wasn’t fun! Sporting events were coordinated for our guests to play soccer, volleyball and dodge ball, and one guest decided to go snowboarding. Attendees were taken to a park during lunch for a BBQ  on the snow, followed by a quick stop at Tim Horton’s. Yes, we Canadian’s love our Tim Horton’s!

A big thank you from ABC’s staff and members to all those 200 people who attended our 2013 Holiday Getaway. It was amazing to host such an enthusiastic and energetic crowd who were excited from the moment they set foot through the door. Optimism and good attitude made it easier and much more memorable, and it’s all due to our wonderful guests! We also thank you for being a mature crowd and maintaining a healthy environment for us as well as for your fellow colleagues. We hope to see many of you again in Turkey this summer!

Even though we would like to have everyone accepted into the programs, unfortunately this year’s demand has tripled and we are trying to open more spots available. Please be patient as it may take up to four weeks to announce the interview and acceptance results. ABC is always looking for more coordinators and members to join.

We value your feedback and you are welcome to write to us at
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