Holiday Getaway 2013

We are looking forward to seeing you in Turkey. But, before that, we encourage all applicants to come to the Holiday Getaway February 1-3 where the first round of interviews will be conducted. This is a very thorough process to make sure that only the most serious and mature applicants are selected to go. By attending this getaway you will be given priority based on your attendance and interview in the first rounds. Attendance at the Holiday Getaway is highly recommended if you wish to display your commitment in participating in the 2013 summer program in Turkey.

If, for a valid reason, you are unable to attend, your application will not be refused. However, it will not be given the priority of those who do attend.

The Holiday Getaway is being held in Kitchener, Ontario at the Delta Kitchener hotel located at 105 King Street East, from February 1-3.

This is an opportunity for all to get to know our organization, about its opportunities , future programs and more information about the 2013 summer program in Turkey. The cost is only $60 ALL INCLUSIVE! That covers the rooms, food, and entrance into the facilities.

Interviews will be held starting Friday February 1st at 4 pm, and will continue through the weekend until 4 pm on Sunday. We have a full, exciting and active program scheduled for attendees. Along with the interviews we will have activities that will keep you moving and busy and social.

Please note that there will be a free bus service provided for all those coming from Ottawa, Montreal and Kingston. The check in is 3 pm on Friday, please contact your ABC representatives located in your city and register your name and the names of your friends that are attending. We will call and confirm the rooms for you!

Toronto: 647 269 6167 (Omar)
London: 519 318 2606 (Sabina)
Hamilton: 905 906 2225
Cambridge: 226 218 1665
Ottawa: 613 869 6894 (Areej)

holiday getaway 2013

Holiday Getaway Invitation


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