Teach & Travel 2013

ABC’s Teach and Travel program offers volunteers the chance to gain International teaching experience by teaching ESL (English as a second language) to students in countries abroad. This year, ABC’s Teach and Travel program consists of three parts: Trip, Training and Teaching.

  1. Trip: Participants will begin their Teach and Travel program with a full 3 day trip. This trip will let participants see some of the most famous sites of the country they are teaching in.
  2. Training: Training consists of an extensive 2 day program where participants will be provided with the necessary materials and information to teach at their respective educational institutions. Various classroom topics will be taught such as making lesson plans, effective classroom discipline, testing/examinations, cultural differences in the classroom and more. Training is mandatory for all participants.
  3. Teaching: Upon receiving the adequate training, participants will move to their designated city where the educational institution they will be teaching at is located. Teaching will span a total of 20 days and consists of 6 day work weeks.

* Teaching locations will be decided AT THE END of the training session!

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