Teach & Travel 2015

Introduction and Mission Statement

ABC Association’s Teach & Travel program is an international project, whose aim is to place participants in different countries all over the world. However, this year it took place only in Turkey and Balkans. Our volunteers, who were either graduate or undergraduate university students from the USA and Canada, taught ESL to students ranging from elementary school to high school during their summer vacation. It was wonderful to see them gain a new and rewarding experience, abroad nonetheless, while at the same time feel excited about showing their teaching abilities. They had the opportunity to make very close friendships and get to know different people and cultures. In fact, ABC volunteers should be recognized for the good impressions they left to the principals, students and parents as well. The Teach &Travel program took place in 3 to 4 weeks of teaching and 3 days of travelling in some of the most prominent touristic locations around Turkey and Balkans. It is important to mention that the “Travel” part was just as exciting as the “Teaching” part. Traveling to amazing historical and touristic locations, participating in interesting regional activities, tasting different kinds of dishes from other cultures and being hosted by local families were some of the common activities taking place in this program. Beyond traveling, it was a fun and entertaining experience as well. It is obvious that ABC volunteers who participated in this project are looking forward to being more involved in future ABC programs.


* Intensive Study Abroad Program is optional. For those who do not opt in will continue their internship program in that interval.

** Some new agreements are in process. New program options may be available according to new agreements. Applicants will be updated about the new options and their applications can be considered for the new options if interested.


1.    International Summer Internship in Turkey and Balkans 




International Summer Internship programs serves the main mission of ABC by bringing Canadian youth of different cultural backgrounds together to understand one another, assist to build a professional character and network, investigating their potential and interests, exposing the business and social culture of different countries.

Program Description

International Summer internship program is a three-week internship program available in fields of Business & Finance, Media and Journalism, Health & Medicine, Education, and NGO.  This program is not a paid internship program; however interns may be offered stipends directly from their assigned institution on a case-by-case basis at that institution’s discretion. The internships are full-time (40 hours per week), however this may be subject to change. Participants may receive university credit for their participation, depending on their school’s credit policy. There are mainly two types of internships:

  1. Regular internship: This internship is a classical internship format in which for three weeks, participants are assigned for one institution. In that period, candidates get introduction of the company, system of business and departments, assigned tasks and projects depending on the company and the focus of the internship in depth for 3 weeks. Media and Journalism, Health & Medicine, and Education internships are all in regular internship format.
  2. Internship Loop: Internship loops are designed in order for candidates to investigate the type of carrier that fits best for them. This internship format is available in Business & Finance.

In a typical day, candidates get a company tour and introduction until afternoon, meet with senior leaders in various fields and department, have opportunity to ask their questions in first hand. The daily visit finishes with a seminar followed by an active discussion by the CEO of the company. In this internship loop some of the institution visits take up to 7 days while some are daily visits as in Business & Finance option. As the public administration and governance system is different in Turkey and Balkans, some institutions take longer to understand enough to make comparative analysis. Participants have the chance to meet local and international government officials, ask their questions and prepare reports for some senior officials.

2. Travel

The Travel portion of the program is not necessarily continuous. It may consist of several outings, i.e, festivals, Cultural events, tours, and celebrations in Turkey or the Balkans for all participants according to their placement. This trip will include visits to historic sites, tourist attractions and visits to civic organization visits (participants will be responsible for museum entrance fees, tourist guide fees, transportation and bout tour fees). The sightseeing tour destinations and itinerary may differ according to the teaching and internship locations of the participants. These trips aim to offer an opportunity to learn about the cultures and history of Turkey or the Balkans. Participants can also have the opportunity to gain university credit from their educational institutions by creating a portfolio of their experiences.


3. Intensive Study Abroad


Intensive Study Abroad program serves the main mission of ABC by bringing Canadian youth of different cultural and religious backgrounds together to understand one another, introducing their own cultural and religious resources that make their centuries long moderate and reasonable culture of coexistence, assist to build a character of peace, filling the potential gaps of knowledge that can be abused to lead into extreme ideologies and radical reactions, enriching their transcript with college credits and networking. Furthermore, courses that are offered are designed to promote social responsibility and giving back to the community.

Program Description


Intensive study abroad program consists of a college course (Common Values of Abrahamic Tradition from Islamic Perspective), visits to various non-profit NGOs, and seminars offered by high level officials of these institutions, all aimed at promoting social responsibility and the importance of becoming a valuable member of a community. This program is specially designed for the needs of Canadian youth. The program is organized in partnership with Prestigious universities in Turkey and Balkans. The course consists of 10 topics that are common to all Abrahamic religions. Course schedule will consist of 6 hours of classes per day for a total of 5 days.



Day 1

Morning Session: Belief in the existence and unity of God

Afternoon Session: Belief in Angels and Holy Books

Day 2

Morning Session: Belief in Prophets

Afternoon Session: Belief in afterlife and Heaven/Hell

Day 3

Morning Session: Belief in Divine Destiny

Afternoon Session: Purpose of Creation

Day 4

Morning Session: Worship in Abrahamic Faiths, Prayer and Supplication as a form of worship

Afternoon Session: Terrorism vs Religion

Day 5

Morning Session: Faith Service Methods in Abrahamic Faiths

Afternoon Session: Interfaith Dialog


4. Teaching (in Turkey and Balkans)


Teach & Travel Programs serves the main mission of ABC by bringing Canadian youth of different cultural and religious backgrounds together to understand one another, assist to build a professional character and network, enriching their resume with a teaching and leadership experience, building self-confidence on professional achievement and motivation on teaching.

Program Description


Teach & Travel is a 3 or 4 weeks program designed to teach English as a second language to mostly elementary school students. The Teach &Travel (T&T) program is an international project aiming to place participants in different countries all over the world, giving an excellent opportunity to gain valuable international work and cultural experience. The majority of teaching positions will be in Turkey while many other countries will be available like the Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, and more. The format of teaching has a special focus on speaking. A unique activity oriented, speaking focused summer program curriculum along with books and supportive documents prepared by the education department of ABC is used in the program. The delivery of material is done through facilitative teaching methods and half of the teaching time is spent out of class through activities. The program is implemented mainly in two type of settings:

  1. Traditional Teaching Environment:This option is preferred mostly by schools following an ESL curriculum throughout the year. Students have their regular ESL teachers as supervisors of the summer program, classrooms and school facility is used for some of the activities and ABC teachers are running the ABC curriculum in coordination with school’s objectives. This type of teaching constitutes 80% of the teaching positions.
  2. Non-traditional Teaching Environment:
  3. This option is preferred mostly by non-educational institutions that are interested to provide this summer program for their audience. For example, municipalities, professional associations and similar organizations make agreement to hire a trained ABC teacher along with the curriculum provided. In this format regular classrooms, small group classes and tutoring style speaking partner programs can be arranged on demand.

Training Process:

Participants are required to complete the Teach & Travel training sessions offered by the ABC Education department. Every participant of Teach & Travel Program has to attend these teacher trainings. Training sessions cover topics like class management, orientation on student profile, training for teaching materials and activities, sample class sessions and more. Training sessions are offered locally by regional offices in cooperation with some schools and no online training option is available.



  • Applicants must be college students or graduates not older than 30 years old.
  • Applicants must present a vulnerable sector check.
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens.
  • Applicants are recommended to have at least one Certificate for teaching English such as: TEFL (minimum 60 hours), TESOL, CELTA, DELTA etc.
  • Teacher Training: Participants are required to complete ABC Teacher Training Program in their regions. Teacher trainings will be held after acceptance announcements and ticket purchases. No online or distant training can be offered. ABC reserves the right to cancel the program for a participant skipping the training for any reason.


Teaching Payment: The participants will be paid $350 after completing the Teaching Program successfully. And also the payment will be made in 3 installments. You can get more information about your payments during the interview.

Sightseeing Tour/s In Turkey or Balkans: ABC offers a sightseeing tour/s in Turkey or Balkans for all Teach and Travel participants. This partially sponsored, trips will include visits to historic sites and tourist attractions along with some civic organization visits. The sightseeing tours destinations and itinerary may differ according to the teaching and internship locations of the participants.

Transportation: Participants are required to purchase their own tickets.

Transportation both in internship and teaching period are under the responsibility of the participants. Some local hosting institutions may provide complementary transportation service yet ABC has no obligation to match the complimentary services offered by hosting institutions to one participant to another.

Airport pickup in Turkey or Balkans will be arranged by ABC only for the participants who arrive within the designated pickup dates in the program schedule. Group shuttle pickup dates and hours will be announced.

Important Note: Do not buy your tickets without confirmation with the ABC Association. 

Housing: Accommodation will be provided by the educational institution. Housing Facilities are not “co-ed”. Alcohol and Smoking are prohibited. There is also a strict “no guest” policy. Facilities are either college dorms or student housings. In some exceptional cases different form of housing can be offered like host families or teacher suites. Participants are held responsible for upholding the existing rules of the housing facility which may differ from one dorm to another. ABC is responsible to make sure the basic housing conditions promised by ABC are met in every teaching location which doesn’t include internet availability, private room or free meal. On the other hand, in some locations, participants may be offered these kinds of ‘extra’ services as a courtesy by their education institution. 

Food: Participants are responsible for their food costs. Some institutions may offer meal in housing and/or teaching facilities as a courtesy.

ABC will not be responsible to match the services offered as a courtesy by an education institution to other participants all around the world in different education institutions.


Application fee:  $40 (non-refundable)

Application Deadline: Sunday, November 23, 2014

Visa: Canadian passport holders will be required to pay a $60 (US Dollars) visa fee at the airport upon entry into Turkey. Visas are valid for a total of 90 days.

Insurance: Participants are required to have travelers insurance. ABC is not responsible for any kind of loss or medical expense of the participants.

*** First batch of decisions will be announced by Sunday, February 15, 2015

*** For your every question, please contact with your region coordinators!


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