The Association of Balkan Canadians understands the importance of investing time and resources in youth. Moreover, ABC understands the challenges that youth is experiencing in 21st century. Therefore, ABC aims to provide the ground that will help the youth to cope with these challenges. In order to fulfill its commitment in bringing up the youth, ABC has developed a new approach that consists of the embracement of all the issues that youth might experience in Canada. Further, these challenges can be categorized according to the different risky situations, and environments youth is exposed to. In order to embrace these risks, ABC has embraced almost all aspects of life.

Thus, business, media, cultural, sports and educational life of the Balkan Canadian youth is the priority of ABC’s activities. With this unique approach, ABC not only pursues to produce future leaders that will fulfill important role in their communities, but also ABC doesn’t provide a space to the possible risk that might endanger the present and the future of the prospective leaders. We don’t let a chance to youth to expose themselves to the risks. One of the departments established by ABC to encompass the sports life of the youth is the ABC Sports Department. The ABC Sports Department is providing the youth healthy alternatives to the potential risky behaviors and threats they are exposed to. The aim of ABC Sports is to help children develop essential skills to progress in life, while appealing to their interests and encouraging them to live, love and have fun.